Hosting Opus Connect events is a cost-effective, high-impact way to raise the visibility of your organization with prospective partners and customers as well as a broader community of business professionals in your area. Hosting events is often an excellent fit for young, rapidly expanding firms who want to increase their reach, as well as more established organizations that are moving into new territories or simply want to enhance the profile of their group and grow their business.

For more details on becoming a host or to apply, contact the Opus Connect main office today.

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An Opus Connect host is an organization that provides a venue and other related support for running Opus Connect events, usually on a monthly basis.

By being an Opus Connect, you expand the reach of your organization by promoting your organization in event promotions as well as welcoming 35-50 professionals or more each month onto your premises.

For many reasons, it is preferable to host events on location at your firm. First, this option is usually the most cost-effective for the host. It also increases the familiarity of Opus Connect members and guests with your company and your location. Finally, coordinating logistics including any last minute changes is usually easier when the venue is completely under control.

Beside supplying the venue, the host usually provides light catering and simple administrative tasks such as printing nametags, validating parking for speakers, and other miscellaneous tasks required to make the event a success. Also, hosts are expected to help promote events to their own clients and prospects, which is also a direct benefit to the host themselves.

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The only costs associated with being a host are those related to the services above, specifically providing light catering, validating parking, etc. There are no additional sponsorship fees beyond these operational costs.

Typically, we prefer to work with hosts that are interested in sponsoring events for at least six months or longer.

Any company with access to a suitable venue that wants to raise its profile with targeted business professionals in its area is encouraged to apply. Contact the Opus Connect main office today for details.