Opus Connect is an invitation-only networking group for senior business professionals in fields such as private equity, finance, banking, real estate, law, and accounting. Below are some frequently asked questions from prospective members. If you would like to learn more, contact the Opus Connect main office today or apply.

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Opus Connect offers unique networking opportunities for business professionals. First, Opus Connect membership is by invitation-only, restricted to senior executives with extensive experience and contacts in their fields. Opus Connect events feature nationally-renowned speakers and panelists as well as smaller events with exclusive access to luminaries in fields such as finance, law, and real estate. Opus Connect’s co-chair structure offers enhanced opportunities for members to become involved with planning events and grow their personal networks as they reach out to top-tier contacts in their fields.

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Opus Connect’s founder, Lou Sokolovskiy, is a private equity specialist and professional networking coach with a personal network of over 10,000 professionals. Lou has hosted hundreds of events throughout Southern California and New York City and created Opus Connect to enable senior professionals to grow their networks and increase their expertise through participating in small groups in an intimate setting.

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Co-chairs are selected based on their capacity and willingness to create a successful and effective experience for other Opus Connect members by organizing and promoting events, recruiting new members to the group and enhancing the Opus Connect experience overall. For more information on the duties and benefits of being a co-chair, see the Co-Chair FAQs.

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To join Opus Connect, you must complete an application, which will be reviewed by the Opus Connect review committee. The committee considers several factors, such as: years of experience/level of expertise in the field, strength of personal network in the area, willingness to contribute to the group and share existing contacts, and referral of existing Opus Connect members.

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Yes, each Opus Connect member can attend up to two meetings per year in groups outside his/her designated group.

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Yes, on a case-by-case basis, some individuals may be approved to attend certain Opus Connect events without joining the group for an additional fee.