Opus Mind by Opus Connect is a curated, peer-to-peer, invitation only community of mid-market M&A professionals focusing on business development and personal growth. Members develop trusted, long- term relationships within the community, allowing them to strengthen their deal network, share industry knowledge and insight, and give and receive feedback in real time. This confidential setting of likeminded professionals provides a powerful advantage for members in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Membership benefits include:

  • Admittance to monthly two-hour virtual meetings with 8-12 carefully curated and thoroughly vetted professionals in your Opus Mind Group where you will receive access to exclusive content, discussion topics, and timely resources that help achieve successful business outcomes
  • Admittance to quarterly joint group networking events with the full Opus Mind community
  • Member pricing and priority registration for all qualified Deal Connect events (1:1 meetings between investment firms and investment bankers/independent sponsors)
  • Discounted sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to secure membership portal including complete Opus Mind & larger Opus Connect directory, with contact information and direct messaging capabilities to facilitate targeted business development and networking opportunities between meetings
  • Annual one-on-one assessment to help fine tune business development strategies

Opus Mind FAQ

  1. How often do Opus Mind groups meet?
    Opus Mind Groups meet once a month.
  2. What is the price to join Opus Mind?
    $1600/year which includes discounted pricing and priority registration for all qualified Deal Connect events.
  3. How does the application process work?
    Once the application is received, it is reviewed by our Opus Connect Selection Committee who will then schedule an interview with you.
  4. Does my Opus Connect membership include Opus Mind?
    Yes, it is included in the price but it still requires you to go through the application and interview process for admittance into the Opus Mind group.
  5. Is there a separate application to join the Opus Mind group?
    The applications for Opus Connect and Opus Mind are the same. However, in order to apply for Opus Mind you must mark “yes” on the application when asked if you are interested in applying to Opus Mind groups.
  6. How long is my Opus Mind Membership for?
    One year and we offer priority renewal for current members.
  7. What kinds of professionals are in the Opus Mind groups?
    We have a wide variety of professionals in the M&A space such as investment bankers, capital providers, private lenders, financial service providers, independent sponsors and more!
  8. How large is the Opus Connect network that I will have access to?
    Our membership network has 300+ members and you will also have exposure on our LinkedIn network of 30,000+.
  9. Do I have to attend every meeting for Opus Mind?
    We understand that schedules can change and that unforeseen obligations arise, and allow 2 missed meetings a year. We are a small, tight knitted community so the absence of one person will be felt.
  10. What is your cancellation policy?
    Opus Mind is a completely voluntary personal development network. Members go through an application process and we take great care in creating the perfect balance within each group. The result is that participants feel rewarded by the experience and groups become self-directed in the evolution of their unique advancement. You are under no obligation to stay if it does not meet your expectations for whatever reason.

For more information, including pricing, please contact Marisol Salcido (marisol@opusconnect.com)

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