Opus Connect Past Panels


“Little Big Deals” – The State of the M&A Market for Smaller Transactions

January 20, 2016
NYC Chapter

Stephen A. Reinstadtler, Founding Partner of SR Capital Advisors

Daniela Bendor, Managing Director at Axiom Capital Management
Steven D. Higgins, Managing Director at Baker Tilly
Eric D. Reuther, Director, Investment Banking Group at Stout Risius Ross (SRR)
Andrew Crain, Partner, Mirus Capital Advisors, Inc.

Description: With middle market companies often selling for 8x – 9x cash flow, many investors are looking for bargains in the lower middle market. However, deals with lower multiples often have a different set of concerns, such as customer concentration, limited management resources and arduous diligence processes. This panel will provide investment bankers’ perspectives on the following:

How do bankers find and engage clients in the lower middle market?
What can investors do to position themselves favorably with bankers and sellers?
What are some of the common challenges for investors in this segment?
Given the challenges, what can investors do to maximize their odds of success in this market segment?



Overdrive for the Auto Aftermarket
February 23, 2016

Private Equity Chapter

Paul Louie, Managing Director at Cascadia Capital

Edwin A. Moss, Managing Director of Lincolnshire Management
Christopher Sheeren, Partner at Huron Capital
Scott Webb, Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer at Pilot Automotive

The auto industry is enjoying good times, thanks to a number of favorable trends. Innovation is changing the driver and passenger experience with advances in safety, navigation, comfort, entertainment, internet connectivity, fuel economy and design. Add in the effects of low interest rates and gas prices, and 2015 U.S. new car sales are on track to hit over 18 million vehicles. In Southern California, home to numerous aftermarket manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers, growth is also being driven by consolidation. Private equity investors are pumping cash into the aftermarket sector, fueling both organic growth and acquisitions. There are some headwinds, including slower growth in China and increasing regulation at the federal and state levels.
The interplay of these opportunities and challenges will be discussed by a panel of industry experts.



The State of the M&A Market for Middle Market Deals

April 4, 2016
Chicago Chapter

Tom Goldblatt, President of Ravinia Capital

Andrew Crain, Partner at Mirus Capital Advisors
Eric Reuther, Director at Stout Risius Ross (SRR)
Gregory Lafin, Managing Director at BKD Corporate Finance
Andrew Greenberg, CEO of GF Data

Summary: At a time when Mergers & Acquisitions Magazines March cover reads “Has the Middle Market Come to a Dead Stop or is This a Momentary Pause” all M&A professionals are wondering... what is the current status of deal flow and what is the outlook for the remainder of 2016? To provide answers, Opus Connect has assembled an all-star panel of investment bankers who will address these questions. Additionally, the panel will discuss current trends in M&A, the direction for business lending, valuations, and how to close deals.

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BDC’s and Sponsor Finance
April 6, 2016
NYC Chapter

Dan Lee, Managing Director at Comvest Partners

Jason Van Dussen, Managing Director & Head of Capital Markets at Golub Capital
Bob Horak, Managing Director at Lincoln International
Bob Long, President of Star Mountain Capital
Kevin Griffin, CEO and CIO of MGG Investment Group

BDC’s have grown substantially the last few years, representing a critical element of the sponsor finance community. But with stock prices down significantly, some BDC’s find themselves under attack by hedge funds and other activist shareholders, prompting industry analysts and bankers to gear up for a wave of consolidation in the BDC universe. BDC managers are responding to defend their business, changing how and where they are choosing to lend in some cases. Sponsors, bankers and other lenders need to be aware of how these events could impact their financing needs, and potentially impact existing relationships. Key questions that we will address include:

How could shareholder activism impact the BDC model, for better or worse?
Which types of BDC’s are most likely to be hunted, and which are the hunters?
With some BDC’s on the sidelines, how is that impacting the lender universe in the near and medium term?
How are bankers and sponsors getting their deals financed today?
How are pricing and leverage impacted by recent market conditions?

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Getting Deals Done with Family Offices
April 20, 2016

Private Equity/Real Estate Chapters

Gary Post, Managing Partner of Andina Family Offices

Ben Durrant, Partner at Provenio Capital
Brian Meihaus, Senior Vice President at Horowitz Group
Robert Terrell, Director of Investments at Karlin Asset Management
Randy Winograd, COO at Nimes Capital

Many Family Offices traditionally invested passively in limited partnerships for private equity, venture capital and real estate. Since the great recession many FOs now seek greater control over these investment classes and are very active direct and co-investors. This panel discussion will explore topics relating to completing deals with Family Offices including:

What are Family Offices looking for today in investment ideas?
How do you best approach FOs?
What makes a deal happen with an FO? Or, not happen?
How can you expand your investor network to include more FOs?


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