Carl M. Tiu, Modern Bank N.A., New York City Private Equity Chapter

I joined Opus Connect in October 2017 and have found the organization well run with a strong member base of middle market professionals who have become friends and referral sources.  Through a member referral, Modern Bank closed a financing transaction in March 2018.

David Makharadze, Diamond Rock, Financial, Real Estate Chapter

I had the opportunity to attend a Real Estate Deal Connect in Los Angeles with OPUS and the event was a success. I attended on the side of investors through Prophit Investments, LLC, my personal investment vehicle, and was able to identify a handful of great operators/principals to invest in and ultimately chose one group, which stood out. I am still doing due diligence on the others and will likely make additional investments. 

Chris Sheeren, Huron Capital Partners, NYC Chapter

We recently signed two LOI’s with an independent sponsor I’ve gotten to know through Opus.

Eric Coonrod, Cascadia Capital, Century City Chapter

Opus Connect holds a luncheon every month, and I attend as many as my schedule permits. I always find these luncheons productive, which is why I continue to go. I’ve made many new connections and have gained a few new friends. My network has grown significantly, and not just in regards to quantity, but also quality.

David Ellis, GemCap Solutions, Century City Chapter

I’ve made several relationships just through general meetings with other lenders, and what I found great is that we’ve been able to be mutual referral sources back to each other. Even when we have a client who doesn’t fit into our portfolio, we know someone who can help them. We’ve received numerous direct and indirect business referrals and prospects through Opus Connect. On the same token I’ve been able to refer business out and I know who to refer it to. I’ve found that being an active participant in Opus and attending meetings, participating in panels, and participating in webinars, that our company name has become recognizable not only in Southern California but nationally.

Paul Schnell, NFP Corporate Services, NYC Chapter

You will meet a great group of hard driving entrepreneurial spirited bankers, Private Equity executives and Family Office professionals who you will not only like, but with whom you will have the ability to do some very valuable business together. Opus creates an environment where you can develop your business by helping them develop theirs.

Andrew Kirsh, Sklar Kirsh, Real Estate Chapter 

I’ve had the privilege of speaking on panels at Opus events, and that has enhanced my brand in that I’m perceived through the Opus Connect community and beyond as a valuable resource in the real estate legal field. Opus is a unique professional group where high end professionals across the entire real estate spectrum convene and socialize on a consistent basis.

Miles Staglik, SierraConstellation Partners, Century City Chapter 

Opus Connect has helped get my firm’s name out there. What I’ve seen in the past six months is that people have heard of me, or my firm, or my partners, which has been invaluable.

Michelle Garrett, OFS Capital, Century City Chapter/Los Angeles Young Leaders Chapter

I became a member of Opus Connect and the Opus Young Leaders chapter in 2014, which has proven to be a valuable investment. Through Opus, I have been introduced to a number of referral sources that have generate actionable opportunities for my firm. I credit the Opus network for meaningful introductions and relevant topic discussions. In addition, the format of the events is conducive to insuring you speak with the right individuals to maximize business development efforts. I would highly recommend attending the group’s various panel discussions, social events and the deal connects for more one-on-one marketing. If you’re lucky, Lou may even invite you to one of the small group dinners, which are quite fun and productive. 

David Blitz, Nebo Capital, Real Estate Chapter

Opus connect operates in a way that attracts quality people that are looking to build deep and long term relationships with like-minded senior real estate professionals and I have had a number of transactions facilitated by my relationships that started or were solidified due to my membership.

Tom Courtney, The Courtney Group, Century City Chapter 

These meetings tap into the real time data on what people are doing and thinking and looking for. The people who attend Opus Connect events are a well curated cross-section of high-level deal professionals. It's not the famous people, but rather the people on the front lines of making investments, allocating capital, doing deals. It’s the people who you’ll actually want to know.

JR Matthews, Tregaron Capital Company, Century City Chapter 

If you’re serious about being involved in M&A, then you need to be part of Opus Connect.

Michael Schneider, NFP, Chicago Chapter 

Being a sponsor has definitely gotten the NFP brand out within the private equity community. With such a high caliber group of members, we are very pleased with the strong business connections that we’ve made.

John Thornton, Tregaron Capital Company, Century City Chapter

Opus Connect events are highly efficient and allow us to sit down with an impressive number of relevant contacts in a concentrated period of time. As a private equity fund who partners with intermediaries and independent sponsors, we've expanded our network of potential deal sources and have even closed a transaction as a result of our membership.

Peter Rothschild, OFS Management, NYC Chapter

Within the independent sponsor community, we’ve been recognized as one of the groups who works well with them and has a reputation of doing so. And that reputation has benefited through our affinity and sponsorship of Opus Connect events.