Opus Connect co-chairs are key drivers in creating the most valuable engaging experience for members and at the same time benefiting themselves as they grow their businesses and their careers. Below are some frequently asked questions about being a co-chair.

For more details on being a co-chair or to apply, contact the Opus Connect main office today

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A co-chair is an Opus Connect member who takes the initiative to play a larger role in running his or her Opus Connect group by helping organize and run events, recruit new members, and enhance the experience of Opus Connect overall.

There are many benefits to serving as an Opus Connect co-chair. For starters, it is a great way to rapidly meet new people in your area of expertise and your geographic area, both by having a credible reason for making self-introductions as well as the additional cachet of serving as co-chair for your focus area. This includes existing and prospective Opus Connect members as well as panelists, moderators and your fellow co-chairs, many of whom are among the most respected professionals in their fields. Additional benefits, such as co-chair enhanced training and exclusive high-level introductions will be announced soon.

The primary activities of co-chairs are to help organize, promote, and manage events and also to manage recruiting new members to the group. Organizing events includes tasks such as identifying and helping recruit panelists and moderators and coordinating logistics with the event host. Each co-chair shares and rotates responsibilities with fellow leaders with the full support of the Opus Connect main office. The goal is to create a level of activity that is engaging and worthwhile yet still highly manageable in a busy professional career.

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The time commitment for being a co-chair can vary, however, in general a co-chair should be able to complete his or her duties in approximately 3-6 hours per month. Because much of this time is spent building personal connections, many co-chairs consider part of their standard business development effort each month.

To serve as co-chair, you must be an active member of Opus Connect in good standing. Also, you must have a solid network established in your field of expertise as well as a willingness to share your network. Even more important, you must be eager to be proactive in building your network and committed to being a leader in your field and geographic area. Prior experience running groups of 50 or more people is strongly preferred but not required.

The number of co-chairs will vary for each group, but generally ranges from 3-5 per group. Every group will have at least one co-chair.

We are always looking to start new Opus Connect groups that can meet the needs of a critical mass of qualified members in a given specialty and/or geographic area. If you are interested to form a new group in your area of which you would serve as co-chair, contact the Opus Connect main office today to discuss it.