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Industry insights and thought leadership for middle market M&A professionals.

Evolving Deal-Making Landscape


Navigating Opportunities in the Evolving Deal-Making Landscape: Insights from Investment Bankers for the 2024 M&A Market

private credit


Adapting to Change: Strategies for Lower-Middle Market Companies in the Evolving Private Credit Landscape

Distressed M&A

Business Development

Resilience in Restructuring: Innovative Business Development in Distressed M&A

healthcare leadership trends


Healthcare Leadership Trends: Key Insights from the CEOs/Founders Roundtable

independent sponsor market


Catalyzing Growth in the Independent Sponsor Market: Reflections from our Quarterly Roundtable

Business Development in M&A

Business Development

Mastering the Craft of Business Development in M&A: A Dialogue with Industry Veterans

women in m&a


Empowering Women in M&A: A Journey of Challenges, Changes, and Opportunities

Business Development

Harvest Success: Embrace Continuous Growth with Business Development Strategies from Balinese Rice Farmers

balanced scales in front of legal books


Unraveling Private Equity Trends: The Powerful Shift Between Macro and Micro Dynamics

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