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Edge Capital Lending: Consider ABL Disrupted

An interview with Lucy Csizmas, Director of Business Development at Edge Capital Lending, LLC.

When Context Business Lending, LLC, decided to rebrand as Edge Capital Lending, LLC, in September, they had one goal in mind: to be an even more customer-focused, flexible lender. And with Meredith Carter, a female President/CEO at the helm, they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

Edge Capital Lending is a non-bank, family office backed lower middle-market direct lender that provides flexible financing solutions ($5-$50 million) to companies with annual revenues of $10-$250 million. Founded in 2013 in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, Edge Capital currently has employees in more than a dozen states across the country.

As Director of Business Development, Lucy Csizmas, explains that Edge Capital is willing to work with businesses in industries traditionally considered “out of favor”, – such as the cannabis (CBD), topical oils/creams, E-Commerce, firearms, energy, alcohol and other industries along with traditional manufacturers, distributors, service businesses, online retailers and others. This willingness to take a holistic view of each business’ challenges and turn them into opportunities is what sets Edge apart from other lenders.

Lucy states the name change reflects the company’s commitment to being an ABL Disruptive Lender, being more nimble and willing to think outside of the box in order to provide their borrowers an optimal financing structure.

“We are always open-minded. I believe that is the common thread,” Lucy stated. “We are willing to look at any industry and if we can rationalize and understand it, our credit team is willing to take the time to provide appropriate customer specific asset backed structures. β€œIt’s refreshing to be a part of such a creative and collaborative team!”

In California, where the CBD topical healing solutions market is booming, Edge is positioned to become a leader in this industry. “The companies currently lending into this industry are very expensive,” said Lucy.” As we are comfortable lending into the industry after significant due diligence, we can provide a more cost effective solution to this and other out of favor industries.”

And with female CEO, Meredith Carter, at the helm, Edge is poised to continue its forward-thinking, collaborative approach to lending.

“It’s refreshing for me as a female, to have a female CEO that I report to directly and a very flat organizational structure” said Lucy. “There shouldn’t be a distinction between female or male, but Meredith Carter does bring different ideas and practices to the table. We are very open in our discussions, and it’s an extremely collaborative team with one goal in mind – how to be an optimal financial partner to companies in order to help them create Edge within their industry .”

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